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Working at Arden Motorsport

We are currently recruiting for a number of positions.
If you are applying for one of these roles please fill out the ‘Career Submission Form’ on this page with your details, and include the position you are applying for.



Driver Mechanics (Number 1 & 2 Roles)

Previous experience in either F2, GP3, F4, F3, Formula Renault or a series of equivalent standing is essential. Applicants must also be able to lead and communicate within a team. Candidates will have drive, ambition and mechanical knowledge to be a successful part of our race team.

Data Engineers

Our data engineers must be able to understand and explain data traces within all inputs and sensors on a single seater racing car, with the ability to provide feedback and advice to drivers in order to improve performance and resolve set up queries. Significant experience is using data logging software from racing applications such as Motec, Aim, Unipro or equivalent software essential.

Assembly Engineers

Applicants must have previous single seater racing experience in F2, GP3, F3, FR 2.0, F4 or a series of equivalent standing. A high degree of mechanical knowledge and understanding of component assembly and disassembly. Ability to work from technical drawings and have a knowledge of powertrain and chassis components relevant to a single-seater racing car is also essential.

HGV Drivers

Prospective “truckies” will require a Class 1 HGV License and have significant experience of driving heavy haulage and articulated trucks in both Europe and the UK. Time management, experience in loading and unloading of cargo and the ability to successfully work with a team. Manage garage assembly and disassembly is one of the requirements for this role which will require lengthy periods of travel away from the UK.

Career Submission Form

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